SID – Intelligent Demand Forecasting for FMCG

Predict your sales with an accuracy of more than 85%

How SID Impacts your Business:

  • Lower losses
  • Accurate stock orders
  • No need for lower margins
  • No need for additional staff
  • No wastage of products

Use technology and understand your customers attitude, interest, frequency and more.

Really understand what customers want and be able to react to it immediately.

Use a high level of personalisation and maximise your business impact on customers.

Minimise losses and make decisions based on facts and high probability through automated processes.

Expiration Date – Wake Up From this Retail Nightmare

Shrinkage happens in every business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it. Even loss from expiration dates is something that you can avoid when you start managing your stock more intelligently.

Discover how data and machine learning can save you from this retail nightmare.


Sell Smart: The Future of the FMCG Market

Consumers are now better informed and more selective. In response, brands need to be smarter too.

Last year’s sales and revenue reports are no longer enough – sales forecasts are on average missed by 37%.

Forecasting algorithms take into consideration a whole set of internal and external indicators that would be impossible to handle without technology.

Download ‘Sell Smart: The Future of the FMCG Market’ whitepaper – find out why technology-enabled retail management is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

4 Reasons to Choose SID

SID is an intelligent demand forecasting solution for FMCG, based on machine learning, AI and data analytics.

It helps you to minimise overstock, maximise sales, maximise margin, minimise forced discounts. SID combines data from various sources, but it’s not just the data.

Download the one-pager ‘4 Reasons to Choose SID’ and see how it can help you achieve your business goals.

Ending the Era of Repricing and Wastage of Unsold Products

SID AltTag Success Story

Inaccurate stockpiling and high costs of repricing products before the date of consumption is a familiar problem in retail. One of the biggest wholesalers in Slovakia unfortunately faced the same issue.

Download the SID AltTag success story and find out how they managed to get accurately stocked branches according to what is sold, thus lowering the expenses of repricing and unsold product waste.

Solution benefits

Get a new level of immediate visibility and predictions.

Have the right products in the right places at the right time.

Match the product requirements from differentiated customers.

Solve issues before they happen.

Get new insights based on the data you already have.

SID – Try it yourself

Optimise the ordering process, achieve minimal leftover and maximise unit sales. Request a PoC and we will show you how the SID AltTag can help you achieve your business goals.

SID is the winner of Microsoft Award 2018 in category Artificial Intelligence:

Microsoft Awards 2018